The Stroboskop Ultra

In order to get a harmonic and optimated Sound you will have to adjust the engine rmp very exactly.
but how can you do it easy without much effort?!

First of all you need a gramophone/ record player which allows you to manually adjust the engine rmp.
If do not have this feature at your device you can only check the engine rmpwith the Stoboskop Ultra.

With the help of the Stroboskop Ultra you can do this adjustment very easily and fast. During the measuring you are indepedent from the
mains frequency of your country, because our Stroboskop Ultra is powered with a batterie. The very bright blue light source is therefore also
independent and still visiable at daylight. So there is no fact that could influence the measureing.

Our Stroboskop Ulttra can output 4 different frequencies not just one!
With jumpers you can simoly setup the frequency you need.
If you already have a strobe plate at home you do not did to buy another one.

50Hz - 60Hz - 120Hz - 300Hz

Our Stroboskop Ultra has the 300Hz set up when delivered.
It is powered by a 12V batterie of the type 23AE.

We offer this strobe light as a pcb kit on Ebay.
if you like to order a full build strobe light, please ask us for prices.

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