The Hiraga Amp Le Monstre

The amplifier is a very important link in the high fidelity chain and it must be of "low distortion" and "broad bandwidth",
something that many audiophiles know. The essence is not that it is class A or B, with simple or complex circuitry,
or containing very special or modern components, but that it is quite simply faithful.

A very throughly manual with lot of explanations you can find here( only in French) >>>

This is the gerneral pcb we offer for the Hiraga Amp Le Monstre. We have 2 versions available.
1. PCB for the version á la Le Monstre with original transistors used
2. PCB for the version Le Monstre á la Jean Hiraga with new transistors used

We offer a new version for a Deluxe Hiraga Amp with partly original transistors!
Ask us for this new version.


This is the fully assembled pcb. We offer those in kits in our Online shop.
We use only high quality capacitors. Standard version is delivered with the BC transistors.
You can update the kit with the great Panasonic FC capacitors.
Those are better in sound especially in bass tones and much more dynamic.

Please pay attention to the voltages, the polings of capacitors and the correct mounting of heatsink!
The transistors must be isolated! The Hiraga produces quite a bit heat so an appropiate heatsink is very important.
This Amp is designed for high (1F) capacitors and 12V rechargeable batteries. Please be carefull with those devices
due to high voltage loaded inside the capacitors!

We offer you for the Hiraga Amp serveral kits and materials.

Here you can find the Hiraga Amp 20W version >>>

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