The Gain Clone

The "Gainclone" is currently very popular in the diy-audio world
Why? Iit's simplicity, low cost and surprisingly good results mean that you really ought to try one yourself.

Why not building an amp on your own which costs over $3000?!
The original has been built by 47 Laboratatry the "Gaincard" and the "Power Humpty".

Here you find an article about it >>>

This is one of the different versions we offer for the Gain Clone projects. We offer a complete manaul for soldering and all parts needed.

All Gain Clones can be built with different ICs. We offer PCBs for the following types:

All kits can be updated with the great high quality Panasonic FC capacitors.
Those are better in sound especially in bass tones and much more dynamic.

A PSU pcb is also available!>>>

Please pay attention to the voltages, the polings of capacitors and the correct mounting of heatsinks!
The transistors must be isolated! The Gain Clone produces quite a bit heat so an appropiate heatsink is very important. This Amp is designed for transformers of about 24V. You can use also higher or lower voltages, but the capacitor need to be changed to fit the voltage. Not touch capacitors or heatsink while operation!

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