PSU for Gain Clone

This PSU is designed for the different Gain Clone kits available in our Online shop. The capacitors are all high quality with low ESR. (15.000µF)
The diodes on the power supply unit are a powerfull, fast type (BYV79E for exsample).

Soft Start PSU for Amps

This PSU is designed for smaller amps like a headphone amp. The Output voltage is adjustable for your use.
The blue trimmers are used for the fine adjustment. It can handle Output between 2-15V/ max. 250mA

The voltage is applied slowly so you have a "soft start" which will prefent bad sounds when starting the amp, such like "crank" and "plop".
We offer this PSu wich high qualitiy Panasonic FC capacitors and super fast diodes.

On Ebay you can find a simpler version of this PSU with a constant voltage of ~18V Input/ 15V Output in our auctions.

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